The History of Waldoch Farm

Grandpa WillIn 1916 the farm was purchased by William & Anna Waldoch in Lino Lakes, the first generation. In 1919 the family started farming. At first, they harvested hay and raised chickens to sell at the St. Paul Farmers Market. 100 years of history at Waldoch FarmThen the family started to raise vegetables to sell at a roadside stand they built. In 1947, their son, Dan bought 10 acres from them to build his own home. Dan and his wife Lucille started by raising cucumbers. Dan became an airline pilot and continued to farm small grains, hay, beef cattle and vegetables.

Over the years, Daniel bought additional land from his parents In the 1960's, his children became the third generation to work on the vegetable farm, selling their produce at the Farmers Markets. Dan and Lucille WaldochIn the early 1970's, Dan built a greenhouse so he could start his own vegetable plants. Lucille grew annuals in the greenhouse for her garden. The production of annuals grew into its own business. Within two years they added another greenhouse. After Daniel retired from the airlines in 1974, he began farming full time.

In 1982, Dan's daughter Mary Joyer and her husband Jeff bought the remaining 40 acres from William Waldoch. William continued to help on the farm, hoeing and weeding until age 100. New greenhouses!Mary and Dan then began to work together in both the vegetable and greenhouse business. Mary, Jeff and the family moved into the original homestead farmhouse in 1988. In 1990, Mary and Dan built a new greenhouse near the roadside stand.

Today, third generation sisters, Mary (Waldoch) Joyer and Kathy (Waldoch) Rivard spend long days keeping the tradition going with the involvement of numerous fourth generation members. Andrew Joyer and Doug Joyer are two of fourth generation members, and are working full time using their Environmental Horticulture degrees from the University of Minnesota. They bring their excitement and new perspectives to this wonderful family farm.

The business employs up to 30 seasonal workers. The Garden Center retail area covers over 2 acres including 8 greenhouses. The 'Pick-Your-Own' Vegetable Garden involves about 30 acres.

Joyers' Barnyard adjoins the Garden Center where young and old can get a glimpse of a variety of farm animals.

Waldoch Farm... a growing experience since 1916.
Grandpa Waldoch and a truck full of fresh produce The family of Waldoch workers in 1987

Calendar of Events

    We will be Closed on Tuesdays

    Now Open
  • Garden Center and Grandpa's Roadstand
  • Joyer Barnyard is open as Joyer Adventure Farm, weekly Thursdays thru Sundays 10 am - 5 pm.

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    Sunflower Walk

    Starting July 29th until the flowers stop blooming into September
    We planted a large Sunflower fields for the ultimate photo opportunity!
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    Garden Tour and Corn Feed

    Come visit Mary and Kathy's personal gardens. Fun for the family.

"Growing TEFFLA at Waldoch Farm"

Thursday, September 9th 2021, 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Members of the community raise money to award grants for inspired educational opportunities in Forest Lake Area.

Fall Fun

Opens on September 18th 2021

Corn Maze Flashlight Nights

October 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd
We are open until 10pm on Flashlight Nights