Farm Employment

At Waldoch Farm amd Joyer Adventure Farm, we have various employment opportunities throughout the year. We are looking for passionate, honest and caring individuals that have a high standard for quality, will take initiative, be able to follow directions, and assist our customers. With customer service being a top priority for all positions.

We offer flexible schedules to high school and college students, parents who want to work while their children are at school, and retirees or other adults who want to supplement their income.

Waldoch Farm is a retailer farm, which makes Friday, Saturday and Sunday our busiest days, with the most hours available. We work around our staff’s availability however, the more available you are, the more likely we will consider you for employment.

Submitting Applications

Applications for employment can be filled out and delivered in person at the farm.

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Positions available now:

Do you have a passion for plants and would like a full-time position at Waldoch Farm? Fill out an application and let us know where you think you could fit into the Waldoch Farm Family and we can let you know when a position becomes available.

We are hiring a Assistant Grower and a Retail Manager for the 2021 Season

Seasonal Hiring:

Some of the seasonal positions on the farm are: Garden Center Cashier and Stockers, Field Hand, and Fall Fun specific roles include Tractor Drivers, Activity Attendants, Ticket Booth Sales, Corn Cop, and Food Service.

We accept applications throughout the year.

Garden Center workers: customer service, cashiers, and waterers, applications are reviewed and interviews typically happen in March. You are more than welcome to drop off an application after this time. All the positions might have already been filled for the season.

Produce field workers applications are reviewed and interviews typically start in early to mid-May so we are ready to start work when high school is done for the summer. We need the most help starting early June for weeding the fields. Depending on the season we hire a few college people for work in May when they are done with school for the summer. In the summer month; the hours are typically 7am to 1pm.

Joyer Adventure Farm
Workers applications are needed early to mid August and interviews typically are late August so we are ready for Fall Fun to start. If August has past it might not be to late to bring in your application. Fall Fun jobs range from Tractor Drivers, Activity Attendant, Ticket Booth, Corn Cop, Food Service, and the list goes on. Most of the positions with Fall Fun are on the weekends we also need extra help on “MEA” on the farm This season we are open from 10am to 6pm. Farm is closed on Tuesdays

We look forward to you bringing in your application!

We had timed ticketing to maintain capacity limits during 2021. Tickets must be bought online ahead of time.

Popular entrance times did selling out.

Fall Fun, Hosted by Joyer Adventure Farm

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