Herb Gardens

Greek Organo and StiviaThe difference fresh herbs can make is undeniable. At Waldoch Farm you are able take your herb choices seriously with over 49 varieties: all of the classics and a few unique varieties you didn't know you wanted.

Spice up dinner with something fresh! With our large selection of herbs ranging from Flat Leaf and Curled Parsley to five different varieties of Basil, there is a fresh herb plant for every themed dinner night.

What is pesto without basil leaves freshly plucked from your own plants? Or cucumber salad without dill leaves diced on top? Or bread without a bit of rosemary baked into the crust? Your herbal exploration will grow alongside the plants in your herb garden.

Calendar of Events

    Straw is available self service. For a gift card or honey during our off season call 651-780-1207.

  • Opens April 8th

March Porch Party

Thurdays 14th and Friday 15th

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