Annuals grown in Lino Lakes

Annual flowers at Waldoch FarmHere at Waldoch Farm we are proud to say we are a Grower/Retailer, which means most of our plant material is grown on site in Lino Lakes. There is a vast amount of seasonal color available at Waldoch Farm.

Annuals allow you to recreate each spring with new combinations. Utilize the vibrant bloom production of annuals to create show stopping color displays not only for your gardens but your deck and patio as well. Intersperse annual flowers amongst your perennial planting for more constant color. Find varieties of plants here that you may not find anywhere else.

Annuals come in a variety of sizes, growth habits:

  • Short/Trailing: Mercardonia, Alyssum, Wire vine, and Alternathera
  • Midsize/Fillers: Calibrachoa, Zinna, Verbena, Geranium, Begonia, Coleus
  • Large Plants: Coleus that reach 3' and Cannas that grow 6' in a season and ornamental grasses

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Annual flowers at Waldoch FarmMary and Kathy are always reviewing and growing only the highest recommended new varieties. We have over 350 Mary's Choice selections growing in individual pots. Plus approximately 150 varieties growing in paks. Because Mary and Kathy plant annuals in their own gardens they trial plants to discover which ones grow best in the north metro.

Come check out their own gardens each year at our Garden Tour in August.

Calendar of Events

Sunflower Early Bloom days

July 22nd to July 25th.
A Preveiw weekend. The field will be starting to bloom just not at pick
Joyer Adventure Farm tickets get you access to the Sunflower Early Bloom days

Sunflower Walk

Starting July 29th until the flowers stop blooming
We are planting a large Sunflower field for the ultimate photo opportunity!
Joyer Adventure Farm tickets get you access to the Sunflower Walk