Honey from the Fields of Waldoch Farm

Waldoch Farm Bee HivesFarmer Doug has been beekeeping at Waldoch Farm since he was 14 years old. He learned the ways of a Minnesotan beekeeper from Grandpa Dan. We received sage advice from Grandpa Dan’s brother George. Who was a professional beekeeping in Florida and keeped bees for over 80 years.

We generally keep at least 35 bee hives on the farm to serve as pollinators of all our produce crops. The honey bee is the only pollinator that produces an over-abundance of honey, more than they need for the winter. We graciously benefit from their sweet work.

Honey for sale at Waldoch FarmAt Waldoch Farm we extract honey twice a season, one in late July called Clover Field and one in late August called Sweet Harvest. This allows us to capture the unique flavors of Waldoch Farm. The July extraction is timed just before the goldenrod bloom, so that it has more of a clover taste. The goal is to have this honey available at the Roadstand by the Garden Tour each year. The August extraction has more flavors from the produce on the farm –we’ve had some people say that they can taste hints of peppers or squash. The goal is to have this honey available in time for Fall Fun season.

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Honey Bee Experience

This is a featured activitiy of Joyer Adventure Farm

Running July 13th thru 16th and July 20th thru 23rd, Thruday - Sunday.

Honey bee Experance starts at 10:30am can be 1.5 hours long. Watch the beekeeper inspect a beehive from the safety of watching form behind a window screen. The Experience ends with honey tasting our three different flavors: Dandy Spring, Clover Field, and Sweet Harvest.

This activity is included with a Joyer Adventer Farm Ticket, which is $10.99 plus tax and fees in July. Make sure to buy a 10:00am or 10:30am timeslot tickets.
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